You remember the story of The Three Bears, right? Thanks to the classic tale of a trespassing, property-destroying minor who scared the crap out of a family of forest dwellers, we have the Goldilocks principle: When something is “just right,” you know it.

Goldilocks knew what she wanted, and a nap in a big, uncomfortable bed with a cold bowl of porridge wasn’t it.

Today, marketers are taking their own walk through the forest, trying to find their way among vendors that are increasingly in the too-big category.

Headlines tally the latest maneuvers in the consolidation game, where players either partner up or gobble up competitors in retail, high-tech, banking, and yes, even marketing and event management.

In the dizzying consolidation scramble, take a lesson from Goldilocks and focus on what is just right for your business. You’ll find that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean a better experience for you or your customers.

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