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Your registration process represents your attendees’ first immersive experience with your event. With stakes that high, we develop a custom registration package that becomes a seamless extension of your event branding and experience.

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Your registration process represents your attendees’ first experience with your event. With stakes that high, you need a registration services partner that is willing to become a seamless extension of your overall vision for your event and attendee experience.

First things first. We are not an ASP platform (ie: CVENT, Eventbrite, Splash, etc…) that requires you to build and manage your own event registration.

We design, develop, manage and update all aspects of our registration applications and services. Our approach provides you with a full-service, experienced registration team of actual meeting planners, not software developers have never attended a corporate event.

Our custom registration solutions are built by meeting planners for meeting planners (we literally wore your shoes for 15+ years). We understand why you want what you want from a registration service. We know where the ASP platforms fall short, and we answer the call with robust solutions purposely fit to your unique needs.

We are a true partner for registration services and thrive in projects where we can become an extension of your overall event team.

While no two events are alike, we focus every registration project around these core principles:

Built for Meeting Planners
Our registration systems and services are built by meeting planners for meeting planners. We have been in your shoes, have deep understanding of corporate events, and help write the event industry’s best practices for registration services.
24-7 Service
We are here for you when you need us, delivering the highest quality of service and expertise so you always look good to your attendees. We offer continuous site monitoring with the ability to adapt digital content around the clock.
360 Degree Coverage
We offer a best-of-breed registration system built exactly for your needs, but registration is just the tip of our event services offerings. From event design to contract negotiations to production to content development, we can help you with nearly any aspects of your event.

Outlined below are our solutions developed from 20+ years for event registration experience.

Registration Modules/Features


Do you need to gauge interest and capture information for a golf outing, spa day or a dine-arounds? We have you covered. Any type of activity with unlimited supporting details as well as capacity management can be created and managed.

Approved List Manager

Who is your target audience? How many customers vs partners can attend? Are all employees allowed to register or do you need your access to be invite only? The lists are scrubbed, invites go out and then the fun starts.

Invite Bob from Wichita and remove Clive from Dallas. Send a new invite yesterday, Bob’s been waiting. No matter the scenario, we have you covered, and empower you to react immediately without going through the “it takes 24-hours to process” new invites, which is what the big registration companies say.

With Lightspeed you can do it in real-time, yourself. Afterall, it is your program.

Attendee Support/Call Center

Do you need regular support for registration and event logistic questions that can be handled via email, or do you prefer live phone support to provide a white glove customer service experience? Whether you answered yes to one or both, we have you covered. Our professional, in-house customer service team are the ambassadors of good will and enjoy assisting with any inquiries that come their way.

Billing/Payment Processing

Effortlessly collect on or offline credit card payments for event registrations and sponsorships. Our online payment tools make it easy for your attendees to sign up and pay via credit card. We can also facilitate other payment methods that may work better for your program. We have seen it and done it all, so you can rest assured that your attendee and sponsorship fees will be easily collected.

Contact Information

It is pretty obvious that identifying the audience is the first step in the registration process. Besides the standard data fields, we can effectively gather other personal information to assist with a variety of needs such as shipping engagement kits pre-show or displaying different sessions based on attendee region or job title. If you need the data, we will collect it. We also have the ability to pre-populate data for quick and precise attendee management.

Data Cleansing

We have seen it all. Data in a Word Document from Bob in Wichita, and a Google spreadsheet from Lynn in Raleigh. Yep, that happens and can share data horror stories that are even worse (or comical depending on your point of view). Don’t fret, our data ninjas can clean-up and spin your data faster than you can forward Bob from Wichita’s second Word Doc without his changes tracked.

Data Security & Hosting

Data security is the foundation to all of our registration services and we meet or exceed the highest data security and privacy standards in the industry. Our strategic partner Wowrack provides our secure, world-class, cloud services environment with expert 24/7 service.

Email Communications

Invitations, reminders to register, speaker announcements, company bulletins, agenda changes, surveys, evaluations, and everything in between. Communications are a critical component of the event lifecycle and we have the process dialed in. We craft, distribute and report on any and all email communications deemed necessary.


Experiences vary, which is why after any event, it’s important to collect feedback from as many participants as possible. To make sure you are capturing this valuable feedback, we will work with you to ensure the questions being asked will provide the insight you’re seeking for any of the components being evaluated. We can utilize our digital evaluation system to create online evaluations, integrate data from a 3rd party platform, and use SMS or other delivery mechanisms to help you get the valuable feedback from your attendees.

Ground Transportation / Air Requests

Are you providing transportation to and from the event? Are you going to book airline tickets for your customers or partners? Our travel modules capture and report on any details you need to facilitate attendee transportation services.

Guest Management Modules

Whether you need to register multiple attendees on a primary record or manage logistical details such as arrival and departure dates, dietary restrictions, or special needs, our guest management module can be customized to your specific needs.

Housing Management

Whether it just one boutique hotel or 15 properties servicing a convention center, over 20 years of hotel housing management experience powers our custom front- and back-end housing tool. Need to offer room share? Our smart, AI-driven logic–developed from best practices and proven housing matrixes–can be customized to meet your requirements.

Key Questions / Surveys

Ask away. Any question. Any format. We gather the information needed to assist with event logistic details, agenda development, speaker feedback, and anything else you can think of to facilitate your attendee-centric program.

Location Manager (Seminars Only)

Multi-city roadshows. Field marketing engagements. In-person or virtual trainings on a massive scale. We understand from experience that these types of programs are very fluid and constantly changing. No matter the scope, they all require a lot of flexibility. And quite often, time is of the essence when it comes to changing or updating the details.

Our easy-to-use web-based tool that gives you the ability to add new locations/events for registration and publish immediately to the web for real-time deployment. Our process is more efficient and faster than filling out a form, sending an email with details to a developer on the other side of the world, and losing time on details lost in email back-and-forth.

Reporting Administration Tool

Data is king, but only useful in the right hands. Our automated reporting can help ensure the right data gets to the right hands. In addition to the standard reports you would expect, our data management team will build a reporting dashboard and spin the information you need so it will always be at your fingertips. Any data we gather can be reported on and provided in an automated fashion.

Session Builder

One size does not fit all, and from our point-of-view, ease-of-use a primary driving factor. Session tracks, individual sessions for specific registration types, continuing education, capacity management, calendaring, waitlists… our team will customize our session builder application to fit your needs. From two sessions to 2,000, our session builder has you covered.

Website Development

You need a modern, responsive website that works hard for you. It should communicate with current and potential customers, generate leads, spark conversation about your products and services, showcase your brand, provide an excellent mobile user experience and make search engines take notice. That’s not too much to ask, is it? We don’t think so.

Onsite Features & Services

On-Demand Badge Printing

Eliminate time wasted in long lines and lengthy check-in processes with multiple rapid check-in and on-demand badge printing methods. We offer a variety of badges in either plastic or paper card stock that can be scanned via NFC, QR, BLE, or UHF technology, all custom designed to match the theme and branding of your event.

Onsite Registration & Check-in

On-site registration is an art and we have a ton of professional registration experience and tools to draw from. From space planning, line management, on-demand badge printing, data collection/reporting, real-time analytics, SWAG tracking/distribution and much more. When you see no lines, that means we created the perfect onsite check-in experience.

Passive Attendee Tracking

We provide wearable beacons and real-time analytics to give you high resolution behavioral data about every aspect of your event. Everyone benefits when you can turn data into experience insights that your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors will never forget.

Session Scanning

Whether tracking Continuing Education credits or content specific sessions that have prerequisites for entry, access control is a big deal. Our 360-degree system can utilize handheld scanners, tap-n-go stations or passive scanning. It ensures all session data is available to assist with logistics planning, attendee preferences, capacity controls, and many other factors enabling you to plan and adjust based on rea-time data from the floor.

Mobile Event App

Attendees demand a mobile app that provides a relevant and connected experience. Our broad expertise in mobile app usability and design allows us to deliver the perfect solution for both the end-user and your event, and ensure it is aligned with both the business objectives of your event and your overall attendee engagement strategy.

Event Programs

No to events are alike, however, to help outline the services you may need, we identify 6 event types below. Depending on where your event fits, you can see the initial modules and services we believe would be beneficial in the chart below. This is just a starting point for discussion as every event engagement with Lightspeed provides solution tailored to your unique needs.


Who’s coming, who are they and what are their needs


  • Program website
  • Additional modules such as housing, transportation, list management
  • Communications support
  • Attendee support


  • Built to spec, no limits
  • Robust, complex client requirements

Seminar Programs

  • Multi-city roadshows
  • Field marketing engagements
  • In-person or virtual trainings
  • Unique attendee targeting via geography, personas, training levels, etc…
  • Massive scale
  • Client-side update capabilities

Exhibitor & Sponsorship Programs

  • One platform for all exhibitor/sponsorship engagement
  • Segmentation and visibility based determined factors such as company type, size, geography, class etc…
  • Billing and payment facilitation
  • Client-side update capabilities

Custom Programs

  • Marketing, incentive and culture-driven programs
  • Complex data management capabilities
  • Global fulfillment services
  • Full creative, marketing and program development services

Modules and Services

Seminars Basic Medium Scope Large Scope Exhibitor Sponsorship
Activities Module x
Approved List Manager x x x x x
Billing/Payment Processing x x
Contact Information x x x x x
Customer Support x x
Data Cleansing x x x x
Email Communications x x x x x
Ground Transportation/Air Requests x x
Guest Modules x x x
Hosting/Maintenance x x x x x
Housing x x x x
Key Questions/Surveys x x x x x
Location Manager (Seminars only) x
Reporting x x x x x
Sessions x
Website Development x x x x

Integrations / Partners

Seminars Basic Medium Scope Large Scope Exhibitor Sponsorship
3rd party integrations for registration data (4P) x
Admin for Exhibitor (LMC) x x x x x
Approved List Functionality (LMC Websites) x x
Badge Printing – On demand (Aventri) x x x x x
Check-in Now App (LMC/4P) x x
Customer Service (Fresh Desk) x x x x
Fulfillment (LMC) x x x x x
Communications (Mail Gun/Send Grid) x x
Mobile App – (Design Reactor, 4P) x x x
Session scanning (Aventri, Validar, 4P) x x x x x
Survey Monkey x x x x

Event Registration Insight:
Event registration feels like herding cats? Here’s some catnip.
“Venture Capital is all about relationships, which makes Lightspeed a great fit for our organization. Bryan is a visionary, and together with the Lightspeed team, he continuously brings strategic and thoughtful plans to the table so we can make our business better. And I never worry about execution because they have proven time over time that it will be solid.”
– Vice President of Global Events, Bessemer Venture Partners

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