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Making your employees, sales teams and partners feel special and part of a high-performing team takes a lot more than chotchkes and swag bags.

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The best engagement programs get into the minds of your audience and speak their language. We drill down to the heart of what they care about – the “Why” of what engages and motivates. Then we wrap a compelling story around it on a human and emotional level. Because how many more coffee cups with your logo does a person really need?

Engagement programs can incite your sales teams and channel partners to smash their sales goals, or make your employees feel valued and part of something bigger. Hello higher satisfaction, retention, productivity and business results.

Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) are a special type of engagement program where Lightspeed also excels. CABs help you strengthen long-term, strategic relationships with your customers and partners, build trust and improve your products, services and programs.

Cisco Marketing Velocity’s approach of focusing 100% on helping their partners become better, stronger marketers garnered industry attention, awards and high praise from Cisco’s global partner community.

When you love your customers enough to start a Customer Advisory Board, we’ll show you how.

“The fact that I could say, ‘Yeah, I’m a CYBERFORCE Hero,’ is pretty cool among my peers. …It doesn’t feel like a marketing program. It feels like it’s from engineers. That’s really the standout part of it.”
– Palo Alto Networks CYBERFORCE Hero
Engagement Program Insights:
Going Beyond to Capture Mindshare with Partner Sales Reps

Let's create amazing things together.

    Let's create amazing things together.

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