Happy Star Wars Day!

For many, this is a special day in which you can freely and proudly let your geek flag fly. Go ahead – break out the Chewbacca coffee mug, your Han Solo badge clip and Yoda man purse. No judgement here. Not today.

For us, it takes on a different meaning.

We are, after all, Lightspeed Marketing.

For us, it’s a day to reflect on how far we’ve come. From simple beginnings – Rob named the company Lightspeed because he needed a name to incorporate and Star Wars happened to be on TV. The force was strong with this one.

Now, Lightspeed represents the speed that we get things done. The time it takes us to communicate with clients, our creatives, event strategies, marketing plans…all done with speed and┬áprecision. And what a team! This is a cast of scruffy-looking, nerf herders┬áthat knows how to flat out get it done. This is a team that can go toe-to-toe with the best event, creative, marketing and communications professionals out there. A team that honestly loves working together.

So Happy Star Wars Day, everyone. May you always find the droids you are looking for.