Jan Brady just sold her house for nearly four million dollars.  Not too shabby considering she bought it as an eleven-year-old for only $55,000 in 1969. While most people wrote her off after the time she lost Greg’s science fair mouse or when she wore that ridiculous wig, Jan was actually a real estate whiz.

Her windfall inspired us to reflect on the investments the team at Lightspeed made as 11-year-olds.

Laura “The Tanz” Tanzini and her sister carefully saved every penny from Christmas gifts and grandma’s birthday card money to buy the original Nintendo Entertainment System. No doubt the hand eye coordination she developed shooting ducks has come in handy as she deftly designs webpages, gives birth to vibrant PowerPoint slides and evades bats.

Rob Johnson, our fearless leader, squirreled away his money to eventually purchase a 1990 Haro Group 1A. That’s a BMX bike. A badass BMX bike. While Lori Loughlin has not yet shown up to bike dance with Rob, he keeps the tires inflated just in case.

Amanda Williams saved her lawn mowing money to buy the finest hot pink Body Glove t-shirts the local mall had to offer. Paired with some acid washed jeans and Keds, it was money well spent. Her hair is now free of Aussie Mega hair spray and the bangs that once acted as an eyebrow umbrella have gone, but their legacy remains.

Our purchases did not appreciate in value quite as stunningly as Jan’s, but then again, we were never in The Silver Platters.