Pokemon Go, right? Parents of indoor children everywhere continue to rejoice as bikes are dusted off and pasty skin soaks in Vitamin D for the first time since a comic-con. Nice try Shaq and Michele Obama, but Pokemon Go is what future generations will credit with ending childhood obesity.

Meanwhile, Lightspeed team members Erin Huckaba and Laura “The Tanz” Tanzini were hunting critters for realsies.

Earlier this summer Laura discovered a nice little pile of guano. Guano, as we all learned from Academy Award Winner for Best Motion Picture Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, is bat excrement.  After a call to an animal control expert, Laura discovered that the bats were a protected species during their mating season. A mating season that started about a week before she discovered them.

Miles away, Erin was preparing her house to go on the market. A cursory look at the crawl space revealed that she and her family were not alone. Rather than a vagrant, it was a giant rat with a baby face. Also known as an opossum. Knowing that the opossum is not something potential buyers would want to convey, she skillfully baited a trap with cherries and cheese and caught the intruder.

The bats have moved on and the opossum was released back into the wild. Their legacy, however, remains.