In our line of work, we get to travel to some beautiful locales. In the US and abroad, the sheer number of cities, hotels, historical landmarks, bars and restaurants we have been lucky enough to visit is mind-boggling.

Humblebrag Warning: While we are rarely able to fully drink in the sights and sounds of the beautiful and exotic locations until after an event ends, we know it’s a pretty sweet gig. Generally, we arrive a day or two before the actual event starts and work early in the morning to late at night through the end of the program – making sure everything goes perfectly. It’s incredibly exhausting and extremely rewarding. The feeling of accomplishment and look of satisfaction on our client’s faces is addicting. You won’t find us working any 12 step programs, though. If there was an intervention, we wouldn’t accept the gift.

We just wrapped up an event in Boca Raton last week complete with a Chakka band, classic cars, inspired speakers and breathtaking scenery. When it was all said and done, we made time to enjoy the venue and the city. It was a great time to reflect on where we are as a company and be thankful for our amazing team. Also, we got to see Billy wipeout. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Billy-Hanging10 from Lightspeed Marketing on Vimeo.