No matter how carefully we plan our days, how detailed our marketing plan, however many ducks we think we have in a row, sometimes shit just happens. You can roll with it or you can freak out. In our line of work, the people that freak out don’t last very long.

Lightspeed’s Creative Director, Erin, had some shit happen just the other night.

Erin recently relocated to a home off the beaten path by a breathtaking body of water in North Carolina. The price she pays for this scenic view is some spotty internet service and the occasional power outage. Thanks to some well-placed signal boosters, the internet is rarely a problem. When it comes to the power outages, unfortunately, mother nature runs the show.

While working on a tight deadline one evening, Erin suddenly found herself engulfed in darkness.

No power. No internet.

The massive storms that rolled in over the water had robbed her of modern convenience. One by one she heard the hum of her new neighbor’s generators as they came to life. After making a mental note to start generator shopping, she sprung into action.

The pitch black of her house did not mask the cries as her toes were mercilessly bludgeoned by couch and chair legs while searching for a flashlight. Once found, Erin set up her phone’s hotspot and got back to work. It was her only flashlight, so to conserve its batteries, Erin worked by candlelight. Just like our forefathers.

iPhone batteries being what they are, it quickly became apparent that she was going to need a change of scenery in order to deliver her client the files they needed. She finished up the design work as her MacBook gasped its last breath of lithium-powered life and hightailed it to a coffee shop parking lot. An hour away.

Once there, the files were successfully sent. On time and badass as always.

Got a design question? A generator for sale? Give Erin a shout.