Castlight Health is a San Francisco based healthcare information company that was founded in 2008 to offer enterprise healthcare technology for employees to compare healthcare providers across a variety of metrics to optimize pricing and quality. The Castlight platform is licensed through a business to business based subscription model. Castlight boasts the best engineers, economists, clinicians and product developers in the industry and are improving their customers’ businesses, the lives of American families and the healthcare system, one day at a time.


Castlight completed a branding refresh and were looking to apply that new car smell to an improved trade show booth. Messaging on their old booth was dated and didn’t embody Castlight’s current visualization. They required a set up that would focus on the value proposition for customers, reinforce messaging and make a huge splash at industry events.


We started by meeting with the Castlight content marketing team to truly understand their messaging and unique differentiators. As it is with most good marketing efforts, content is king, and in our opinion that applies whether it’s a blog entry, collateral one-pager or a brand new trade show experience.

Partnering with trade show exhibit builders Neu Concepts (another proud Triangle-based company) we designed and produced a custom 30×30 booth that increased foot traffic, drove interest and helped attendees start asking how Castlight could help their business rather than who Castlight is.

“The booth creative and structure design made it easy for people to understand who we are and what we do,” says Samantha Goldman, Director of Content & Branded Experiences at Castlight Health. “It was nice to spend our time talking to people who knew what we did. Previously, we spent most of our time explaining what Castlight does rather than how Castlight could help.”

We have always believed that unless we fully understand our clients, we can’t fully partner with them. So when we dive in to a project, we let it consume us. This was no different. We were able to take their vision and produce something we could all be proud of.

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