Cisco Marketing Velocity

Cisco Marketing Velocity


Cisco Systems, Inc. is a technology company headquartered in San Jose, California, that designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment worldwide. It is the largest networking company in the world. We have partnered with Cisco on everything from event management to video production to corporate communication strategy.


Faced with the challenge of increasing the number of partners (resellers) they co-market with, while also improving their partners’ overall marketing expertise Cisco turned to us to come up with a turnkey solution that could be replicated across the globe. They were in need of a ground-breaking program that revolutionized the way corporations could shepherd their partners to greater financial success while simultaneously empowering them with the education needed to become power sellers. Cisco was looking for a new way to invest in their partners and they entrusted us with the assignment.


A multi-faceted program designed to encourage Cisco’s channel partners to think about marketing in a whole new way. An award-winning program called Partner Marketing Velocity. With a thought-leadership approach, the program helps Cisco’s partner community understand how the latest trends in marketing can complement their business strategy, accelerate their sales, and increase their profitability. It gives them the tools and the voice to be successful resellers. The program is anchored by an annual conference and includes an ongoing online event series, all tailored to partners’ marketing interests and varying levels of marketing experience. It’s a multi-faceted approach that is now viewed as industry best practice.

Taking place in a different location throughout the world every year, the annual conference is the cornerstone to the program. A collection of powerful speakers and industry insiders are brought in to lead partners through several days of education and coaching. Rather than sitting in a large conference room and quietly listening to speakers, attendees are split up into smaller groups and move around frequently throughout the day. Questions and open discourse are encouraged. It’s a gathering of top minds and partners that are eager to become top resellers. It is complemented by a monthly online series that leverages video and the far-reaching power of the web. Constant contact reminds the partners that Cisco has their best interest at heart and is eager to act as a mentor for their corporate partners.

The program was truly revolutionary when it started and continues to be a driving force not just with the Cisco partner community but the technology industry overall. The novel approach of not being Cisco-centric, but instead focusing 100% on helping their partners become better, stronger marketers garnered industry attention and awards such as Best Vendor Conference of the Year. It also won high-praise from Cisco’s global partner community including the highest ratings of any partner event that Cisco puts on through the course of a year.

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