CES Mail – Website Design and Development

CES Mail Website Design and Development

Thanks to a design makeover, their website now reflects the company’s agile, responsive customer experience.


CES Mail is a data processing services center and mass mailing firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, specializing in direct mail, fulfillment, data management, warehousing, and related services.

Family-owned since its start in 1962, CES Mail has a long-standing reputation as a dependable, full-service fulfillment warehouse and services company able to meet any request while making the experience stress-free for customers.

We should know, as Lightspeed regularly partners with CES Mail for our shipping and fulfillment needs to ensure we deliver the best for our clients.


Consider a 56-year-old company whose website had barely been touched in years. The outdated images and content from bygone days made website visitors wonder if the company was even still in business.

The website was a missed opportunity on several fronts, not the least of which it didn’t reflect the responsive and agile customer experience that CES Mail delivers to its clients.

The outdated web platform also lacked a content management system (CMS), making it especially difficult for staff members to make updates to the site and manage their digital content.

CES Mail needed a modern, user-friendly website that would attract new clients. One that would convey the amazing customer experience and variety of services the company offers today, and that CES staff members could easily update themselves as their business grows and evolves.


Lightspeed approached the website overhaul based on the client’s business goals. While the old site focused on a limited number of services CES Mail had offered years ago, the new site reflects the company’s growth and expanded services to attract new clients.

Lightspeed delivered a modern site on a CMS platform, giving the client the ability to easily edit and update the site themselves.

Continuing the needed facelift, our solution included updated fonts and current images, staying within the client’s budget parameters. We also helped the CES team focus on the types of content needed for the site, and we provided guidance on how to write their own web copy – another way to make the website refresh cost-effective for them.

Additional elements of the solution included search engine optimization, a website information hierarchy, blogging capabilities, the ability to add case studies, and a more responsive way for potential new clients to contact the company.

The new site represents CES Mail as who they are: a modern yet personal-touch company. What started as a brand refresh for the website turned into an ongoing customer magnet, attracting new clients and more business for the company.

Thanks to Lightspeed, we now have a website we are proud for people to see and use. What a massive improvement! Within the first month of launch, we received many new inquiries through the website about our services. From their first experience with us on the website, customers can be confident we’re a responsive company capable of much more than typical direct mail and fulfillment services.”

– President/CEO, CES Mail

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